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Убивали еретики толпой аколита святого ордоса из лазганов...
Культист стреля-стрелял - не убил.
Колдун стрелял-стрелял - не убил.
Ересиарх стрелял-стрелял - не убил.
Бежал мимо сраный гангер из сраного лазпистоля плохого качества пухнул...
The target is completely encased in fire, melting his skin and popping his eyes like superheated eggs.
He falls to the ground a blackened corpse. If the target is carrying any ammunition, there is a 50% chance it explodes. Unless they can make a successful Dodge Test, all creatures within 1d5 metres take 1d10+5
Explosive Damage. If the target carried any grenades or missiles, one round after the Damage was dealt they detonate where the target’s body lies with the normal effects.