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Из телефонного разговора ассамита (А) и гуля-связного (Г)
Г: - Hallo, how qud I hel'p you?
А: - Appu, it's me. Nest needs you.
Г: - Yeees, haw you tried restarting yor computar?
You need to unplug the Prince, than wait for 5 days and extract the hard drive.
Thanks for calling.
Please rate our services from 1 to 10.
А: - 1 unpluged prince and 10 primogenes
Г: - Thay never respect our work.
А: - Аppu, we have bug report!
Aboart the operation, aboart!
Г: - Yeees. That would probably be colorads from Belorusha. I'll connect you with nearest detergent retailer.
А: - Nope, appu, this is a canalization cocroach!
Г: - Hello. Thanks for calling Appus Dead Bogatir. What do yu need?
Ow, whayt a second, I'll call rat department.
Hello, it's Appu, how can I help your rat problem? We have perfect bug solution for your problem.
We will send Andrey yora way.
Thanks for calling. Bye!